Frequently Asked Questions and Important Goodies:

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Frequently Asked Questions and Important Goodies:

Post by Paranormal Wolf on Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:43 am


What the heck is a CCG?
A: A CCG is known as a Created Card Game, The Term CCG also means "Collectible Card Game", but those two are not the same, Created Card Games are often used with Certain Programs, Like Yugioh CCGs with YVD or Duel Portal

Q: What is YVD and Duel Portal and How do I get them?
A: YVD is known as Yugioh Virtual Dueling, It can be downloaded Here
A2: Duel Portal is a Dueling Client made by Seattlite, It is very useful for CCGs and such. More information is found Here

Q: What's the regular Set Schedule?
A: There is no Set Schedule at this moment, but between Sets, I can take Submissions for a "Test Set", those cards cannot be used in tournaments though

Q: We have a question about this that is not listed here
A: PM it to me and I'll see what I can do to answer it

Q: Which Duel Client will be best to use
A: It's a Mix really, There are people that prefer YVD over Dual Portal and Vice Versa, however, I currently recommend YVD for the reason of the CCG not being large enough for the owner of Duel Portal to recognize us as a CCG

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